Sulfobate group is used as a wetting agent, thickener, disinfectant and has excellent floor and thickening performance. They are also an excellent conditioner for hair softening in hair and skin care formulations. Sulfutobain group has low irritability and good sterilization ability, and also significantly improves softness, ventilation, and stability when combined with other surfactants.

Betaine is a neutral chemical compound with a positive cation-like functional group such as a carbon amino acid or a phosphonium cation that has no hydrogen atom and has a negatively charged group such as carboxylate, which may interact with the adjacent cationic group. Not. Betaine can be in the form of waterless or watery. This substance is naturally produced in the body. It can also be found in some foods, spinach, cereals and seafood. This article is about betaine without water.

They also provide anti-flexibility and degradability, and are very light on the skin, with full exfoliation. In this regard, it is widely used in high-grade shampoos and for the production of bathroom flooring. Sulfutobain products are especially suitable for use in baby shampoo, baby bath detergent and baby skin care products.

The products of the Sulfobate group, when mixed with fatty alcohol sulfates or fatty alcohol sulfates, dramatically increase the viscosity of the formula, as well as show their strength properties, meaning that they are much more than required. They are desirable and fruitful.

It is worth noting that despite all the benefits mentioned earlier, sulphobutain products can cause skin and eye allergies, itching, swelling and inflammation, and even a burning sensation, which are common in vulnerable areas of the body: head, Neck, hands and feet. It usually causes serious damage to the eyes and skin and acute allergic skin reactions.

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Product Name: Amphonyl CAS

persian Title: CAS آمفونیل

Manufacturer: Iran

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 200kg barrel

Degree: CAS