Polymer products such as synthetic plastics, fibers, rubber, veneers, adhesives are now more widely used by humans and have become an essential ingredient in modern life. Basic human needs such as clothing, food, accommodation and transportation are closely related to polymer products.

Polymers are a group of coarse molecules that each polymer is made up of long chains that are made by connecting a large number of small molecules to each other. Many polymer products are made up of a combination of polymers of different types. Depending on the application, these polymeric products may contain volatile or non-volatile polymers. In some applications, polymers are also used as solutions, for which the choice of solvent is very important.

The comprehensive list of polymer products contains more than 3500 polymers, monomers and additives. There are more than 2,000 monomers available, including acrylic, alcohol, allyl, amine (primary, secondary, and secondary), anhydride, carboxylic acid, epoxy, isocyanate, silicon, styrene, vinyl ester, and vinyl monomer.

Also, 1500 polymers include functional polymers of acids, acrylics, amines, amides / imides, degradable polymers, carbonates, conductive polymers, deions, epoxides, esters, ethers, fluorocarbons, formaldehyde polymorphic copolymers, natural hydrogels, polymers, polymers. Polymers, quaternary applied polymers, reactive particles, silicones, standards, styrene, surfactants, urethane, vinyl acetals, vinyl alcohols, vinyl / vinyl chlorides, vinyl esters, vinyl / ketone ethyl esters, waxes, oils and … Abundance of them Used in industry and everyday life.

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Airapol CP

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Product Name: Airapol CP

persian Title: CP ايراپول

Manufacturer: India

Chemical Form: Solid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Bag

Grade: CP