Buy alkyd resin as a saturated polyester resin, which is formed through the sterilization of multivitamin alcohols with carboxylic polyunsaturated acids and modified by natural oils, is easily possible with the best quality available on the market in Pilar Tejarat.

Alkyd paints are very resistant to sunlight, rain and weak acidic environments, corrosive environments. Low sulfuric acid vapors do not affect the quality and durability of these paints, but if the acid concentration increases, these paints lose their strength completely.

It is possible to Buy alkyd resin in Pilar Tejarat Chemicals Trading with the highest quality and the most reasonable price, so for information on the price of Alkid Resin and its related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Alkyd Resin (Long Resin)

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Alkyd resin

Alkyd resin (long resin)

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Product Name: Alkyd Resin (Long Resin)

persian title: (الکید رزین ( رزین لانگ

Manufacturer: Iran

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Barrel

DOWNLOAD: Alkyd Resin (Long Resin) Analysis