buy calcium It is easy to as an auxiliary feeder dryer with many applications in the paint and resin industries and with the best quality available on the market in Pilar Tejarat.

Calcium prevents the formation of fog in some alkyd resins that can be distinguished from lead, so it is recommended to avoid high doses in connection with water sensitivity (durability in the open) of the paint film. Also, this dryer forms a new metal set when used in combination with other metal soaps, meaning that if a purple cobalt solution is added to calcium, a light blue color will appear.

It is possible to buy calcium in Pilar Tejarat Chemicals Trading with the highest quality and the most reasonable price, so for information on Price of calcium and related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Calcium

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Product Name: Calcium

persian Title: کلسيم

Manufacturer: Iran Chemical

Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 180kg barrel

Download: Calcium Analysis