Buy methylene chloride Samsung as a receptor extract in the recovery of oleurins, oils, fats and waxes, as an active ingredient in removers, as a detergent in shoe factories and shoe soles, in non-flammable tapes The solvent-based paint, as a steam and non-vapor metal cleaner, of for synthesis and extraction in research laboratories with the highest purity is easily and proudly in Pillar.

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متيلن کلرايد سامسونگ (MCE)

Samsung methylene chloride (MCE)

Product Name: Samsung Methylene Chloride (MCE)

persian Title: (MCE) متيلن کلرايد سامسونگ

Manufacturer: Samsung Korea

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 250kg barrel

Grade: MCE

Download: Samsung Methylene Chloride Analysis (MCE)