Castor oil is sold in many parts of the industry, including paints and resins, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as pharmaceuticals and medical products with the best quality available in the market in Pilar Tejarat.

The source of this oil is plant roots. Its composition also varies according to the extraction method because it can contain both unsaturated fatty acids and can contain fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid.

This material is sold in Pilar Tejarat Chemicals Trading with the highest quality and the most suitable price, so for information about the price and also related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Indian castor oil

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روغن کرچک هندي

Indian castor oil

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Product Name: Indian Castor Oil

persian title: روغن کرچک هندي

Manufacturer: India

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 225kg barrel

Download: Indian Castor Oil Analysis