liquid Optical brightener actually expresses the chemical form of the substance, which is used as a bleaching agent. For example, this substance is added to washing solutions or powders to make clothes look whiter and cleaner, and in this regard, they have many applications in various industries.
optical brighteners is also used for poor staining of organic compounds. In fact, it is added to the solution and absorbs light in the purple and ultraviolet areas in the electromagnetic spectrum, then releases the absorbed light and energy back into the visible area by fluorescence.
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ابتیکال برایتنر OB1

Optical brighteners OB1

Product Name: Optical Brother OB1

persian Title: OB1 اپتيکال برايتنر

Manufacturer: China and Germany

Chemical Form: Solid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Barrel

Grade: OB1

Download: Optical Brother OB1 Analyzer