Price of erosil powder is an important component in buying it, considering the uses of this material in various industries such as cosmetics, paints and resins, coatings, ceramics, composites, composites, fiberglass, etc. Come.

Eurozil has a low density and high volume, which, when added to the desired substance, increases the concentration and adhesion properties. He also referred to it as a light abrasive in products such as toothpaste.

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Erosil Fossil 200 China

China Aerosil Fusil 200

Product Name: Erosil Fossil 200 China

persian Title: اروزيل فسیل 200 چين

other name : Erosil Fossil 200 China , Fumed silica

Manufacturer: China

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 10 kg bag

Grade: Fumed Silica 200

Download: China Aerosil Fusil 200 Analysis