The Properties of polyethylene wax derived from very low molecular weight polyethylene (less than 10,000) in the industry are more important in reducing viscosity. It is also used as a dispersant of pigments or as an additive in plastics, cosmetics, inks and coatings, etc.

One of the Properties of polyethylene is that it is usually obtained by separating low molecular weight polyethylene slices from solvent, and they have a wider molecular weight distribution than directly synthesized polyethylene waxes. Also, the polyethylene waxes that cause both the physical and chemical properties of the wax have oxygenated substances. In fact, the functional group in these materials increases the adhesion to the surfaces and the dispersion in the water.

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پلی اتیل واکس عربستان

Saudi polyethylene wax MHB22

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Product Name: Saudi Polyethylene Wax MHB22

Persian Title: MHB22 پلي اتيل واکس عربستان

Manufacturer: Saudi Arabia

Chemical Form: Solid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 20kg bag

Grade: MHB22

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