PVC LG 1302 is one of the highest quality PVC powders available in the world, which is used in various parts of the industry due to its inherent advantages. For example, it is used in the manufacture of food-related compounds, in the production of electrical tape, in the manufacture of clothing and household appliances such as curtains, in water and sewage piping, in the production of flexible vinyl sheets, in the production of flooring, in the production of vinyl siding, It is used in covering the floor with tiles, etc.

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پي وي سي 1302

PVC 1302

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Product Name: PVC 1302

English Title: پي وي سي 1302

Manufacturer: Korea

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 20kg bag

Grade: PB 1302

Download: PVC 1302 Analysis