Tylose 6000 sale due to the advantages and very wide applications of this material in various sectors of industry and in the formulation of various products, for example in the production of ceramics, in increasing oil production, in non-woven fibers and cleaners, in oil and gas industries, for The production of aqueous polymer emulsions is based on ethylene-derived compounds, etc. with the highest degree of purity and with the utmost pride and respect in Pillar Trade.

Tylose 6000 sale in Pilar Tejarat Chemicals Trading with the highest quality and most appropriate price, so for information on Tylose 6000 price and related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Shintso HS6000 YP2 Tile

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تيلوز شينتسو HS100000 YP2

Tylose Shinetsu HS6000 YP2

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Product Name: Tylose Shinetsu HS6000 YP2

persian Title: HS6000 YP2 تيلوز شينتسو

Producer: Shinetsu, Japan

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 20kg bag

Grade: HS6000 YP2

Download: Tylose Shinetsu HS6000 YP2 Analyzer