Pilar Trading Company

Trading of Resin and Detergent Raw Materials

The company management with Pilar Hossein Asghari varzaneh importer of chemicals for paint industry, plastics, PVC and polymers and health that his activity in 1998 initially as a broker and direct supply in-store market has started and kept with the unit production and sales cooperation intermediate and in 2004 began to import some of the items above from some of the country’s industry trade of European, Asian and And tries that imported goods with quality and at a reasonable price at the disposal of the customers and the company’s activities in the year 2010 and import sales without Pilar officially and with the lowest cost and save time and the wider Internet and network activity in the price of all their imported goods in the form of daily and online. The company is proud to cooperate further with the productive units, intermediaries, raw materials for manufacturing supply stores, book imported goods or import or investment before the close after the import and delivery at the desired location of the customers.

Services and Products:

And sales of factory direct importer of raw materials (paint, adhesives, leather, foam, rubber, plastics, detergents, and pharmaceuticals) without any intermediary at the best prices in the service of your loved ones as well.

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