Powders and metal pastes have a special use in the paint and coating industries due to their appearance and light reflection properties and the type of coating they have. These materials are very common due to the beauty of the product and its resistance to sunlight and vulnerability.

It is also widely used in the automotive paint industry in the production of base paints and body paints, as well as in the repair paints of these types of pigments. In silver or metallic construction paints and industrial paints, as well as coatings, cans of these materials are among the main constituents, and in the plastics industry, in order to achieve the so-called metallic colors in powder, dough with Granules are used and used in the production of masterbatch and granules.

Powders and metal pastes, due to the impact of light and its reflection on the surface of these pigments, have properties for any of these properties, which depend on the following: particle size distribution, particle shape, surface roughness, particle orientation in bed and type. Particle wetting and sheet and non-sheet behavior, by knowing the specific value of each of the following parameters can be predicted white, coating, color gamut, gloss in any type of pigments.

The type of particles, the size of the particles and their distribution are directly related to the final characteristics of the product. Therefore, with full knowledge of the characteristics of any material, these materials can be used in the production of a product.

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