It is easy to Buy emulsions for use in various industries such as paints and resins, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agriculture, etc. with the best quality available in the market in Pilar Tejarat.

For example, one of its applications is in emulsion paints, which are the most popular option for painting interior spaces of buildings. Because they do not smell as good as other colors and are resistant to steam and moisture. It is also worth noting that the colors containing this material are available in a wide range of colors (from white to black), which makes them the most suitable choice when painting a room.

It is possible to Buy emulsions in Pillar Tejarat Chemical Trading with the highest quality and the most reasonable price, so for information on the price of emulsion and related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Emulsion

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Product Name: Emulsion

persian Title: امولسیون

Manufacturer: Iran

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 250kg barrel