price of Normal butanol , due to its various uses, including as a raw material for the production of fuels and solvents, printing paints, urea formaldehyde resins and melamine formaldehyde, is an important component in its purchase.

butanol is one of the primary alcohol groups that has more than two carbon atoms and is completely soluble in water. In nature, this substance is formed from the fermentation of sugars and other carbohydrates. It is also a permitted artificial flavoring in the United States used in butter, cream, fruit, ice cream, ice and baked goods.

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نرمال بوتانول

Normal butanol

Product Name: Normal butanol

English Title: نرمال بوتانول پتروکم

Manufacturer: China

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Barrel

Download: Normal butanol Analysis