Titan Ishi Hara in the manufacture of cosmetics, in the production of decorative paints, in the coating of welding electrodes, due to high strength and corrosion resistance as a coating on the surfaces of metal products, in masterbatch and plastic industries, in paint industries as pigments It is used in protective and coating industries, in optical catalysis, in air pollution sensors, in the production of candies, biscuits, sweets, coffee bleaches, etc.

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تیتان R980

Ishihara Titanium R980

Product Name: Titan Ishi Hara R980

Other Names: Titanium Dioxide R980

persian Title: R980 تيتان ايشي هارا

Producer: Ishi Hara Japan

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 25kg barrel

Grade: R980

Download: Titan Ishi Hara R980 Analysis