Chinese Orosil 200 or silica foam is produced by a continuous flame hydrolysis process of silicon tetrachloride. It is used as a filler as a raw material for filling, volumizing, as well as due to its softness, polishing and volumizing properties.

Erosion to prevent material deposition, increase viscosity, etc. For example, to fill the gaps in the rocks, to optimize the flow of a wide range of powders, improve the flow properties of toothpaste and give scratch properties to the lacquers. Is used.

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Erosil Fossil 200 China

China Aerosil Fusil 200

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Product Name: Erosil Fossil 200 China

persian Title: اروزيل فسیل 200 چين

other name : Erosil Fossil 200 China , Fumed silica

Manufacturer: China

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 10 kg bag

Grade: Fumed Silica 200

Download: China Aerosil Fusil 200 Analysis