Aluminum Bread Lifting , according to its advantages and very practical features, in the production of primary primers for wooden furniture, in the production of anti-corrosion paints, in the production of decorative paints, in the production of oil paints, in the production of acrylic paints, in the production of Hammer and colorful paints are used in organic coatings to increase resistance, in the production of paints on metal, in the plastics industry, etc.

Aluminum Bread Lifting paste is offered in Pilar Tejarat chemical trade with the highest quality and the most appropriate price, so for information on the price and also related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Eckart bread lifting paste

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خمير نان ليفينگ اکارت

Eckart Lifting Bread Dough

Product Name: Eckart Lifting Bread Dough

persian title: خمير نان ليفينگ اکارت

Manufacturer: Germany

Chemical Form: Solid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 25kg barrel

Degree: 4n.l

DOWNLOAD: Analysis of Eckart bread lifting dough