Buy erosil with many applications in various sectors of the industry, for example in various types of floor coverings, resin production, composites, industrial paints, plastics, etc. with the best quality available in the market in Pilar Tejarat is easily possible.

Erosil is a white powder with a large amount of silica that is added to various materials and increases their viscosity. This material is actually produced from the production of silica foam in the presence of flame and is commonly used to increase the adhesion properties and concentration of materials.

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Erosil Fossil 200 China

China Aerosil Fusil 200

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Product Name: Erosil Fossil 200 China

persian Title: اروزيل فسیل 200 چين

other name : Erosil Fossil 200 China , Fumed silica

Manufacturer: China

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 10 kg bag

Grade: Fumed Silica 200

Download: China Aerosil Fusil 200 Analysis