Indian sorbitol sales as an alcoholic sugar that is slowly metabolized in the human body with the highest purity for various uses in various industries in Pillar Trade. For example, this substance in the production of health cosmetics and personal care, as a non-clumping agent in the food industry, due to ductility in the production of gelatin capsules, in the production of industrial surfactants, in the production of cough-preventing pastilles and … Is used.

The Indian sorbitol sales in Pilar Tejarat Chemicals Trading is done with the highest quality and the most appropriate price, so for information on the price and also related analysis, please refer to the main page of this product: Indian sorbitol 3100

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سوربيتول 3100

Indian sorbitol 3100

Product Name: Indian sorbitol 3100

persian Title: سوربيتول هندي 3100

Manufacturer: India

Chemical Form: Powder

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Bag

Degree: 3100