Methyl isobutyl is a colorless liquid with a stable chemical nature and a medium boiling point with a very pleasant odor, which is used as an active solvent in various industries and factories.

This material will greatly help simplify system formulation. Unlike other common solvents, ketones, acetone, have very low solubility in water and are useful for liquid-liquid extraction. Also, due to its excellent solubility properties, it is able to dissolve cellulose esters, vinyl polymers and copolymers, and most natural and synthetic resins.

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متيل ايزو بوتيل کتون

Methyl isobutyl ketone MIBK

Product Name: Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIBK)

persian Title: (MIBK) متيل ايزو بوتيل کتون

Manufacturer: China

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Barrel

Download: Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIBK) Analysis