Cobalt powder actually expresses the chemical form of this substance, which as a dryer has many applications in various industries, including chemical, petroleum, paint and resin, and many other industries.
Cobalt oxides have pigmented properties and are used as a green and blue dye in the paint and resin industry. Due to the nature of cobalt crystallography, alloys containing this substance also have various properties such as heat resistance, abrasion and corrosion, so the alloys of this material with elements such as iron, copper, nickel, chromium, tungsten and molybdenum are used. Many are used in the aircraft parts manufacturing industry and in the production of various industrial and non-industrial turbine blades and industries in which abrasive and corrosive materials are used.
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Product Name: Cobalt

persian Title: کبالت

Manufacturer: Iran - India

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Barrel

Download: Cobalt Analysis