Shiraz alcohol or methanol alcohol produced in Shiraz is a colorless liquid, more toxic than ethanol, with a sweet but spicy smell and high volatility, and the chemical formula CH3 OH, which often burns with colorless flames.
This material is commonly used in various industries, including the production of various types of antifreeze and industrial adhesives, the production of various paints and resins, the production of various types of laminate and varnishes. alcohol has never been consumed in food or drink, and many cases of blindness or death due to drinking mixtures containing it have been reported.
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الکل متانول شیراز

Shiraz methanol alcohol

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Product Name: Shiraz Methanol Alcohol

persian Title: الکل متانول شیراز

Producer: Shiraz Petrochemical Company, Iran

Chemical Form: Liquid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: Barrel

Download: Shiraz Methanol Alcohol Analysis